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Certified Helicopter Flight Training

Vertical Reference Long Line

In association with Chief Flight Instructor Tim Pfahler, Montana Aero is a helicopter flight instruction facility certified in all aspects of 133 and 137 flight operations. Tim has been intricately involved in natural resource aviation for more then 30 years. His flying experience includes numerous makes and models of rotary wing aircraft operating in bothe the lower 48 states and Alaska.

Tim specializes in assisting privately owned companies, government agencies, utility companies and military units that are preparing to embark on natural resource aviation missions.

All aspects of 133 flight operation courses are offered to include but not limited to:

• Vertical Reference Long Line
• Advanced Mountain Flying
• Commercial Aviation
• Instrument Flying
• Advanced Firefighting Aviation

Flight instruction courses are demanding but not overwhelming. All courses include academics with state of the art presentations.

Courses are designed for either an exportable training package at your facility using your aircraft, or if desired, training will be in a Bell 206 series aircraft of our own.

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